EC25-E MBN Files for korean LTE spec

We have EC25-E EVB.
We found that there are more than 10 mbn files for various operators(mobile carriers).

But we found that the mbn files for Korea doesn’t support VoLTE (We guess as it is specified in the spec (…)

So, we are finding ways to support VoLTE in korea with this board.
Please, can you give us the appropriate MBN files (supporting VoLTE in korea) or just the ways to build them?

Where did you get your module? Please obtain the MBN file from the acquisition module

The firmware usually contains the MBN file of the corresponding area. What is your specific model and software version? I will provide the latest firmware according to your model

EC25-E / EC25EFAR08A02M4G
Support team told me that korean volte isn’t supported with EC25-E… Is that right…??
Even If we have a right MBN, can’t we still use korean volte?

Yes, what the technical support team said is correct, the volte function is not supported in Korea

Then can you give me other mbns (any other kind would be OK) just for testing?
I can’t add any mbns to EC25-E, and finding no reasons at all.

Have you managed to upload any other MBN file?

Nope… not at all. I think you have the same problem with me I guess.
I extracted various mbns from Pixel 3 (smartphone) blueline firmware. And it didn’t work at all. What did you tried? I think we can share this issue.

hi have you fix the issue?

Nope, still unsolved
Are you having same issue?