EC25-E firmware update problem

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am trying to update my EC25-E mPCIe modem (revision EC25EFAR02A06M4G) with newer firmware in Windows 7. QFlash v4.15, firmware is from container. Driver version is V2.1.

First, I run QFlash app, then select COMxxx (which is DM port in Device Manager), then select 460800 baudrate, then select prog_nand_firehose_9x07.mbn file and finaly click Start.

QFlash app opens the port, then “send edl mode cmd (Portxxx)” and stuck on “Detect dynamic com port xxx…”. After a few minutes I get “FAIL, Confirm dynamic com port xxx timeout(N)!” message.

What do I do wrong? Could you please recommend the right approach.

Dear Elver2019,
Please try the following tool. Thanks!

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to unpack the container the password is required. Could you please tell what is the password?

you can try to use “quectel”. Thanks!


the password is good, thanks. The problem is still the same. I chose DM AT port and clicked Start. After a minute or so it hangs on “Detect dynamic com port146…".

Is it possible that the problem is with FW? Could you please send the latest FW for EC25-E mPCIe module?


the problem is solved. I used wrong mbn file in Qflash app. Anyway, thank you for support.

Glad to hear that you have solve the issue. Please go on your test. Thanks!

Hi, can you tell me which mbn file should i choose and also complete process.

Dear Sir,
Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel forum.
Could you share more information with us about your issue? Normally, if you want to upgrade the firmware, you just need unzip the firmware package, and choose any file inside the package, then just click start button in Qflash. It will upgrade the firmware automatically. Thanks!

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I bought a WE826-T2 wi-fi router but I just see an x at the signal strength. It detects the simcard but shows 0 signal. I wonder if theres something wrong with it. can i get a link to firmware upgrade? all that I get on the internet keep saying its an incorrect model.
Please help

Dear Boazvida,
Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel forum.
If you want to upgrade the module firmware, it is better to check the current firmware version with ATI command, then we can help to provide the right firmware package. And you can email to to get it. Thanks!

Which Quectel module will work with networks in Africa, easpecially East Africa, with networks like Safaricom etc?

Dear Boazvida,
You can check the following spec of EC25 module, and choose the right one matched with your country. Thanks!
Quectel_EC25_Series_LTE_Standard_Specification_V2.1.pdf (666.6 KB)


I am trying to update my em12g modem (version EM12GPAR01A07M4G_MSFT) with newer firmware in Windows 10. QFlash version 4.18, the firmware is taken from the container. The driver version is V2.1.

First, I launch the QFlash application, then select COMxxx (which is the DM port in device manager), then select the data transfer rate of 9600, then select the prog_nand_firehose_9x07.mbn file, and finally click Start.

The QFlash application opens the port, then “sends the edl mode cmd (Portxxx) command” and freezes on “Detecting dynamic com port xxx…”. After a few minutes, I get the message “ERROR, confirm the timeout of dynamic com port xxx(N)!".

What am I doing wrong? Help.