EC25-E Firmware on Yocto


We are using the EC25-E module on a custom board, running Yocto Open Embedded.
Not all of our modules are using the same firmware version, and some have very weird behaviour.

  • EC25EFAR08A02M4G - seems to be working fine
  • EC25EUGAR06A05M4G - not working at all, system detects it as some android device, not the EC25-E
  • EC25EFAR06A10M4G - status not yet known

1 - What firmware version should we be using, is that the latest version?
2 - What are our options when it comes to upgrading firmware? I noticed docs typically mention a flash utility like QFlash, but this does not seem to be a compilable source on yocto. In addition, there is mention of an OTA mechanism where the modem would get the firmware (delta) from an http server, but is this applicable for all of our cases?
3 - Where can we actually get the tools and firmware, as I have not gotten any reply when going through the site files form, nor email inquiry


Hi Ebrodlic
It is recommended that you burn the EC25EFAR08A02M4G version. It is not recommended that you use ota to upgrade. You can use the QFLASH tool. I will provide you with the QFLASH burning tool in the email. Please check it carefully.
Best wishes

Thanks for the help! @FelixCheng-Q

It seems that some of the modules we have, that have the problematic “EC25EUGAR06A05M4G” version, are not infact EC25-E, but rather some other module from EC25 series.
Do you maybe know which device this is based on firmware value? Like if it is EUX rather than E?
We cant seem to get that specific information from the modem commands itself.

The silk screen on the module has a specific model, please take a picture and send it to me

Just to let you know, it was a mistake at assembly, and the firmware version on the module was incorrect.
After the firmware update, everything looks ok now!

Thank you, thank you very much for your feedback, I will continue to serve you