Ec25-e drivers for windows 10

hi, i have EC25-E Mini PCle. I need to Windows 10(x64) driver. Can you give me a driver?


Hello @Tolga_Yilmaz
Welcome to Quectel Forum, I am sure that @herbert.pan-Q can assist you properly. Furthermore, I guess that the latest driver version is 2.60.

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Thank you @ShortyPTG , i actually have another issue. I found and installed the drivers for it before, but when I plug in the module, there is no activity in the port section. It’s as if there is no connection to my computer at all. I would appreciate it if you could help me with the steps I need to take to address this issue.

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Hello Again @Tolga_Yilmaz
Let me understand, your device don’t see your computer? If so, try to install not the MBIM driver, but the USB driver, the latest that I know is v2.60, As we have devices of the same family (E), I can share with you my drivers and tools, so you can download it and try to upgrade if it’s necessary.
After that, you can see if your problem is fixed. (Remembering you that all Windows 10 drivers also works for Windows 11).

The link is: - Google ドライブ

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hello @ShortyPTG
I’m asking to make sure. I installed the driver I marked in the image, and then connected my EC25-E module to my computer via USB. Shouldn’t I see an indication in the Device Manager that the connection is established?
image.rar (67.8 KB)

Hello Tolga,
Nice to hear from you. What is the way that you connect the device to your computer?
Directly like mPCIe slot on the motherboard? USB mPCIe slot adapter? Quectel Evaluation Board Toolkit?
Well, some systems that have mPCI/mPCIe on the motherboard (like notebooks) just support USB 2.0, and you should isolate the USB 3.0 pins on your device, then it will work.
If you using USB mPCIe slot adapter, make sure to check if is USB 3.0, or have some jumper that you can configure the modes…
The Quectel Evaluation Board Kit manages these things automatically…
When the EC25-E device works correctly, will show up in your device manager.
If your device runs in compatibility mode, or USB 1.0 -then, you will need to use the MBIM driver.

Please let us know if you need more help.
Thank you

Thank you, @ShortyPTG . We identified hardware-related issues. After resolving the problems, when I connected the module to the computer, I saw that it is recognized in the device manager. You’ve been very helpful, thank you so much.

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Was my pleasure to help you.
Is great when we’re useful for helping another persons.
You made my day!!! Thank you

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