EC25-E change usb mode

Dear Sir/Madam,

I developing now QuecOpen EC25-E with lte-open EVB.

I want to change the usb mode, as you know the usb default mode is device, I find example/usb/example_usb.c.

the example used just Ql_USB_Otg APIs.
I connect usb thumb memory stick and change the example Ql_USB_Otg (host) with excute example_usb in target but nothing changed.

I checked VBUS voltage, that is 0V and USB_OTG_PWR_EN pin also 0V in EVB.
So I connect 5V direct to VBUS, and I can see LED light in usb thumb memory stick, but nothing changed.

Next follow dmesg logs.
[ 14.410987] [max][mbim] usb functions donot include mbim[diag,serial,rmnet,ffs]\n
[ 14.547688] qti_ctrl_ioctl: EP_LOOKUP failed: not connected
[ 15.054282] QCMAP:Enable mobileap
[ 15.283071] QCMAP:Enable mobileap done
[ 15.548235] qti_ctrl_ioctl: EP_LOOKUP failed: not connected
[ 15.980092] random: nonblocking pool is initialized
[ 16.548485] qti_ctrl_ioctl: EP_LOOKUP failed: not connected
[ 17.548734] qti_ctrl_ioctl: EP_LOOKUP failed: not connected
[ 18.549331] [Qti] Failed to open SMD port through DPM.
[ 30.800450] msm_otg 78d9000.usb: Avail curr from USB = 2
[ 30.800510] msm_hsusb msm_hsusb: CI13XXX_CONTROLLER_SUSPEND_EVENT received
[ 30.800627] android_work: android_work: did not send uevent (0 0 (null))
[ 30.804598] msm_otg 78d9000.usb: USB in low power mode
[ 61.920528] Quectel_clean_modemFatalTimes, clean modemFatalError cnt filp_open fail !
Please let me know how can I get usb host mode.
Best Regard.
Edward Kim.

Dear Sir

please refer to the following steps,I don’t know what firmware version you are using, there may be some differences.


Modify the three values in the usb_otg upstream:
set qcom, hsusb-otg-mode to 3
qcom, hsusb-otg-default-mode to 2
qcom, hsusb-otg-otg-control to 3

2.make kernel

3.flash boot

4.short OTG_PWR_EN pin and 1.8v pin, connect usb disk

5.enter to debug port
df -h // show the device
mkdir /usrdata/usbtest
mount /dev/sda1 /usrdata/usbtest
ls /usrdata/usbtest // check the contents of usb disk

Apologies to bump up a very old topic, but @Puck-Q can you please confirm if the OTG_PWN_EN pin is available on the Quectel_UMTS&LTE_EVB_R2.0 board ? (the documentation is lacking in this regard)
Basically I would like to know if its possible to test host mode with this configuration (the UMTS&LTE EVB + EC25JFATEA-512-STD module)

Hi @jlumme

If you are using UMTS&LTE-EVB-B_V1.1, the OTG_PWR_EN is on R516


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Thank you very much for your fast response :+1:

welcome,hope those can help you @jlumme :grinning: