EC25-E cannot link to internet by ofono tool

Hi, I have an EC25-E module and encountered a problem that using the ping internet got fail by ofono tool. But we can get the ip address and strength of signal by ofono . Is there a way to solve this problem? The system environment is yocto and kernel is 4.14.98.

Hello there
You can refer this check step

  1. Is there a default route?
  2. Can you ping the gateway?
  3. Able to ping
  4. If the above three are okay, but the knowledge ping cannot pass the website, then check the DNS file
    If it do not work, you can capture the abnormal log mail, we will reply you asap, thank you.

Hi Duncan,
. Thank you for replying to the message.
About issue 2,3 , we cannot ping the gateway , and there is not a default route.

              you can refer the below log file

            Using the quectel-cm tool can work well. The ping is ok .

Hi there,

It can be seen that the module has default router, is this added by manual or it’s automatic generated after data call finished?


Hi Duncan,
After completing the online-modem command, ifconfig will generate wwan0. The route table will be generated automatically.


HI Duncan,
Taiwan agent Jet One Technology told me that ofono did not use wwan0? I am not sure if it is the correct information. Do you have any ideas?

Guess that you should set the wwan0 to raw_ip mode.