EC25-E band information and bit flags


I have limited information available from AT manual regarding supported bands and their bit flags, as follows…

Band 1 = 0x1
Band 2 = 0x4
Band 5 = 0x10
Band 8 = 0x80
Band 40 = 0x8000000000
Band 41 = 0x10000000000

I request to provide full information, like all supported bands and their respective bit flags


That one is incorrect. B2 is 0x2

The algorithm is simple. The bit corresponding to the band number is set, and that binary value is converted to hexadecimal.

So B1 had bit 1 set. Binary 1 is 0x1.

B5 has bit 5 set. Binary 10000 is 0x10, and so on.

B1    1
B3    4
B5    10
B7    40
B8    80
B20   80000
B28   8000000
B38   2000000000
B40   8000000000
B41   10000000000

There’s a Linux shell script to list the values here: bmask128 -

Thanks a lot.

Now only thing that needs to be figured out is the supported LTE bands in EC-25E

Post the output from AT+QCFG="band" and I’ll decode it for you.

That’s with the default band mask in place, of course. If you’ve modified that in the past, you’re supposed to be able to restore the default mask with: AT+QCFG="band",FFFF,7FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

Hi, snowgum,

Thank you very much for the information; the issue has been resolved.
I am really sorry for the late reply.