EC25-E: AT+QCFG="usbnet" officially supported as in EC200T?

On EC200T I can switch modem into ECM mode with AT+QCFG=“usbnet”,1 and reboot.
I tried this on EC25-E, and it did work. However, the modem does not know AT+QNETDEVCTL as on EC200T.

Is there a document how to use ECM or RNDIS mode om EC25 properly?
Is it recommended to leave it disabled?

Do I need a firmware update for this? Current version is (AT+CGMR)

Thanks and best regards from Germany

Frank-Christian Kruegel

Please refer to the following documents to solve, thank you.
Quectel_EC2x&EG9x&EG2x-G&EM05_Series_AT_Commands_Manual_V2.0.pdf (1.7 MB)