EC25-E ANDROID 9 Drivers


I compiled Android 9 with rild drivers but for some reason the SIM, Signalstrenght does not get recognized.
I can Init the Modem via AT Parameter and can dial in via pppd but the Network is unreachable.
If i Ping -I ppp0 i get response.

Could you provide latest buildable Files instead of precompiled rild?



Dear Sir,
Please click the following link to download the compiled RIL driver. Thanks!

I will rebuild Android with latest Drivers an give you Feedback. Thank you

Btw. this driver is also precompiled. :thinking:

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they work pretty well so far, but i still need to init
the SimPin via AT Command

echo -e “AT+CPIn=0000” > /dev/ttyUSB3

after that i have the wwan0 device and Mobile Data works.

But how can i establish SimPin via GUI inside Android pie?
and is there a newer out?

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Dear Tcandroid291,
The reason why you need to enter the AT command is because your SIM card have locked the PIN code, so you must to enter the PIN code, then can use the SIM card normally. Thanks!

If you have integrate the module RIL code to your system code, it will have the SIM card information in your Android control panel, please check it.
The following link is the latest Android GPS driver, please check it. Thanks!

@Kyson The driver that was referenced is no longer available to download. Is there a newer version available?

Please check the following link. Thanks!

Hi Kyson, Please Update latest Change Log of Android rild driver in pkg.

Last Entry is v2.5.0


OK, got it, we will update it. thanks!

Hi Kyson,

i have some strange behavior on Android Pie
for some reason, incoming voice calls doesn´t get recongnized.
Maybe from 50 Incoming Calls i only get twice incoming call notice.
Making a outgoing Call works flawlessly.

rk3399:/ # echo -e 'ATI' | atinout  - /dev/ttyUSB2 -

Revision: EC25EFAR06A07M4G

rk3399:/ #
rk3399:/ # echo -e 'AT&V'| atinout - /dev/ttyUSB2 -

&C: 1
&D: 2
&F: 0
&W: 0
E: 0
Q: 0
V: 1
X: 0
Z: 0
S0: 0
S3: 13
S4: 10
S5: 8
S6: 2
S7: 0
S8: 2
S10: 15
S12: 50

rk3399:/ #

getprop | grep ril:

[]: [Quectel_Android_RIL_Driver_V2.9.6]
[]: [running]
[ril.function.dataonly]: [0]
[ro.boot.noril]: [no]
[]: [5495529277]
[]: [no]
[]: [112,911]
[vendor.rild.libargs]: [-d/dev/ttyUSB2]
[vendor.rild.libpath]: [/vendor/lib64/]
   ^^ *May Quectel can give more specific Details on Android ril properties ^^ 

getprop | grep gsm:

[]: [1]
[]: [LTE]
[gsm.operator.alpha]: [MEDIONmobile MEDIONmobile]
[gsm.operator.iso-country]: [de]
[gsm.operator.isroaming]: [false]
[gsm.operator.numeric]: [26203]
[gsm.sim.operator.alpha]: [MEDIONmobile]
[gsm.sim.operator.iso-country]: [de]
[gsm.sim.operator.numeric]: [26203]
[gsm.sim.state]: [LOADED]
[gsm.version.baseband]: [EC25EFAR06A07M4G]
[]: [Quectel_Android_RIL_Driver_V2.9.6]

rild_voice_make_EC25.pdf (972.4 KB) rild_voice_receive_EC25.pdf (621.5 KB)



Dear Tcandroid291,
If this issue is different from issue, it is better to create another new topic. Thanks!
For your iisue, it is better to catch module debug log to check whether the module have the right URC reported when receive the call. Please email to to get the log tool and local support. Thanks!

solved by using Quectel_Android_RIL_Driver_V3.1.5_master_beta



Can we also get a x86 variant of the driver?

Please email to to get your needed. Thanks!

Is it possible to re-share a link of the latest pre-compiled RIL Driver? The link referenced above is no longer working.

Is it possible to modprobe the driver, without having to rebuild Android OS?


Please share again sir . I need driver for android 9 and 10 …my email