EC25 - Continuous transmission mode (test mode)

Due to the procedures for certification of new equipment, we have to enable a full-band continuous transmission condition to the LTE EC25 module.
In this condition, the certification laboratory will measure the signal’s occupation bandwidth, out-of-band emissions, signal power, etc.

Is there any specific procedure (sequence of AT commands) or special test software that Quectel used for these purposes?

I’ve been studying the EC25 AT command manual, but I didn’t find any explicit mention of a continuous transmission mode or test mode for the EC25 module.

Thanks for your question
You can use the CMW500 tester to view information such as occupied bandwidth and signal strength.

Hello, I have the same task - our product contains EM05 modem and certification requires to test spurious emissions at LTE bands. So we need to enable continues transmission at specific bands. Is there a solution? Thanks