EC25 - Changed bitrate with AT+IPR , now can't revert it back to standard

I have a EC25-E module here as mini-PCIe module, access via

  • either a Sixfab LTE miniPCIe converter (Serial and USB)
  • or a USB-miniPCIe adapter on a Windows PC

Working fine:

  • Windows with Qnavigator and installed drivers (USB adapter) → 4x USB-COMports
  • Linux with minicom also to Serial and USB via Sixfab module → 1x Serial normal and 4x USB-COMports

My question:
I have modified the Serial speed via AT+IPR=… to test speeds up to 4000000.
Command run and setting was stored with AT&W.
I can access the module via USB connection and check the settings : AT+IPR? → returns 4000000
→ I now lost under Linux the serial ttyS0 connection due to this modification ←
BUT: I can not revert it back to 115200 speed :frowning: AT+IPR=115200 via USB COMport returns OK but it is NOT saved…

Any ideas to change it back to 115200?


Kind regards,