EC25-based Platform can not interface in QDL/EDL Mode

Hello, we are trying to update/modify a board based on the Quectel EC25-EB for our usages. So far we managed to get it into EDL but we can’t work with it. It appears that the Hello and similar stuff comes through but once you try to upload a firehose it seems to just not want to download it. Did anyone here have such symptoms yet? Or does anyone can help us in further debugging this?


Hi @Leandro_Friedrich
Can you give your e-mail and i will send the lastest qfirehose and user guider to you.

Hello @lyman-Q , sorry for the late Reply, i have been away for a few weeks.

My email is “”, thanks for the help

@lyman-Q , would it be possible to get the latest firmware files? thanks

Hi @Leandro_Friedrich
I send it to you,pls chk.