EC25-AUX Mini PCIe Windows 10 USB driver

Hi everyone,

I’ve got difficulty with EC25-AUX driver on windows 10. I’ve already tried some drivers but none of them worked for me.
I’m working on 2 modules EC25-AU & EC25-AUX mini PCIe at the same time, EC25-AU is working good with USB driver v2.1 from Quectel, but not EC25-AUX.
Could anyone assist with a working driver for EC25-AUX please?


How does EC25-AUX module connect to PC? We usually use mini PCIE to convert USB chip to connect EC25-AUX to PC, that is, it still uses USB driver.

I’m also using USB port on computer to connect the module. The problem is that EC25-AUX is not installed properly, while I use the same driver for EC25-AU(without X), and it’s fine!

Please provide a description of the phenomenon and a screenshot of the device manager.