EC25-au (brazil) LTE not sucess call over LTE (VoLTE)

so the problem is which one is the audio path
ttyUSB0-4, which one

hi, carlos
I am also using asterisk with freepbx on my raspberrypi for a few years, but my USB dongles are from Huawei and all of them are 3G/2G mode. They are working well on CS.
You know GSM/wcdma is getting old, some countries have stopped 2g, this is the reason why i want to change them to VoLTE
I know VoLTE is supported on quectel ec25/ec20, but using on asterisk-chan-dongle, it shows “voice support NO”

*CLI> dongle show device state dongle0
-------------- Status -------------
Device : dongle0
State : Free
Audio : /dev/ttyUSB1
Data : /dev/ttyUSB2
Voice : No
SMS : Yes
Manufacturer : Quectel
Model : EC20F

If you have any update, just write here

Dear Copperfiled,
Please check the following picture which show that ttyUSB0 is DM port that used for catch module debug log and upgrading firmware. What i mean the audio path is not the module USB port, is the path like handset or speaker. Thanks!

It means Audio goes to ttyUSB1

Yes, correct. Thanks!

Good morning from Brazil.

The success I had was just receiving the audio from the person who i talking , but the uploading of sound from my microphone, did not work, through the serial interface.

I am studying how to make the dialing code in python to test 100% both sides of the call sound through the usb interface, if you want to talk, call me on telegram @Casantoslopes.

hi Carlos,
how about your trail

As you not updating your code, Carlos, i did make new try and its here:

its including patches of ca4ti and others, but code taken more fresh from wdoekes.
and driver i compiled for openwrt-18.06

try and let me know please, ty. surely its not final yet, so needs your feedback!

@pl4sm0nk /spacedream
Please let us know how far you’ve got it working. Do you receive audio both ways on volte calls in asterisk?

Working code for Quectel with Asterisk here