EC25 AT+QPCMD not supported

Dear quectel,

We are trying to see if we can use the EC25 as dialer for our monitoring systems.
Everything working as needed sofar, just stuck with playing wav files (PMC) from a directory on C:
in a voice call.
I noticed, in the Audio Player Application Note V3.1, that we can use the command
AT+QPCMD, but it looks like this is not supported on the modules we have.
What can we do ?
Firmware version is: EC25EFAR06A06M4G

P.s. Another thing I could not find is, how to have the module generate info to the serial port like:
ring ring, when module is called in ATS0=1, and phone number that is calling the module.

Thanks in advance for your info,

Hello MARcvE, thanks for your question
The AT+QPCMD command is applicable to Quectel’s GSM series products. On EC25, you can use the AT+QPCMV command to enable this function.

If you want to set the URC report of the incoming call number when ringing, you need to execute the AT+QURCCFG=“urcport”,“uart1” command to report through the serial port, and then execute AT^DSCI=1 (not save when power off) to enable the phone status report, thank you.

Hi Duncan. URC already working. Tomorrow I will see I get the audio running. Thanks a lot. Marc

Hello Quectel. I already emailed Duncan, but will place it here as well.
Since we want to use all our modems without drivers, sending the wav files over NMEA is
not a good thing, because it wont recognize the NMEA port without drivers.
I am thinking about connecting the Modem through rs232 which works. This can handle the voice call, dtmf and sms AT commands. Since it looks like I cannot send the wav files in the voice call to the modem over the same com port, I need to find another solution. Possibly straight audio out from PC to audio in on EC25 module. Any suggestions.

Kind regards,