EC25 AT+CMGS OR AT+CMGW doesn't wait on ">" . OK is return immidiately?

AT+CMGS=“5130000000” ENTER Should go to next line and wait on “>” , however after ENTER “>” and OK is returned immediately. Not sure why. I don’t get any chance to enter the message.


Not time to enter message.

Any help is appreciated

My first suspicion is that you’re adding more than a single carriage-return character to complete the AT+CMGS command (before entering the text).

There should be no line-feed character, or anything else entered at that point.

PS - I don’t know if this is relevant to your situation, or to the EC25, but 3GPP 27.005 (section 3.5.1) says:

the DCD signal shall be in ON state while text is entered