EC25-AFX epname mode


We found that when we set EC25-AFX mode of end point to 6, we are not able to register it on motivebridge server which should accept endpoint format as “urn:imei-msisdn:xxxxx-xxx”.

The firmware version we are using is EC25AFXGAR07A03M1G.

Please let us know how to register it on motivebridge server using endpoint format “urn:imei-msisdn:xxxxx-xxx”.
Thank you~

Dear Issac,
Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel forum.
About your issue, you need to confirm the server can accept which type endpoint format. Maybe you can communicate with Motivebridge server provider. Thanks!

Hi Kyson,

We asked Motivebridge server provider and confirmed that “urn:imei-msisdn:xxxxx-xxx” should be used.

We tested that when epname/mode is 3, the device can register on the server but it can’t finish the FOTA progress (it stuck after reboot, didn’t notify server of firmware upgrade success); when epname/mode is 6, it can’t register on the server (it stuck at bootstraping)

Hence, we want to know that

  • do the enum of the epname/mode is correct or not since epname mode 3 should not be registered successfully?
  • if the epname/mode should be 3 (somehow there is some misunderstanding on server provider or the enum), why the device unable to finish the firmware upgrade test? (server side timeout on waiting device upgrade finish but the device is upgraded successfully and reboot, seems that it didn’t notify the server of firmware upgrade success)