EC25-AF won't obtain IPv4 but DOES get IPv6


I’ve got two EC25-AF’s. I’ve been doing testing with just a USB adapter and antennas, and a “new” Visible (Verizon) SIM. EC25-AF works great when plugged into windows 11; it “just works”. Full connectivity, etc.

EC25-AF #2 when placed into the exact same test rig (same adapter, same SIM card, same PC, same location, etc), it obtains an IPv6 IP, but not an IPv4 address. Windows reports it “Connected” just like it does on #1, but I cannot get most things (like speedtest app) to work, but ping -6 does work just fine.

I performed this test because when I installed it in a microtik device, #1 would work, but #2 would say connected, but not work (I had IPv6 disabled).

So that’s two different devices, both cards show the same behavior. Is there some reset I need to do on card #2? It seems unlikely to be a hardware failure, but maybe it is??? I obtained both of these cards used.


I did some further testing. I used the AT&F0 factory defaults command, and it still didn’t get an IPv4 but did get an IPv6. I did some inquiring, and set an APN Profile that stipulated IPv4 address, and it didn’t connect/work.


So I think its something with the radio…it seems like it should be software related, but I can’t find any specific AT commands I should be using to fix it…I’m at a loss here, and am about to send it back as defective…

May I ask whether you have checked whether the firmware version of the corresponding module is the same? You can run the following AT+QGMR to check the firmware version. I can send you the latest version of the corresponding module and try again.