EC25-AF takes exactly 5 minutes to reconnect


I am testing an EC25-AF for a project that has the module installed in mobile vehicle. Whenever the LTE connection is lost, it takes exactly 5 minutes for connectivity return. I am able to replicate the issue consistently. On the contrary, when testing with a USB modem stick, of a different manufacturer, the reconnection happens much quicker (seconds). Is there some configuration in the modem which could be delaying reconnections? Anything I can do to speed up reconnection when the modem encounters weak/no signal?

I am running latest firmware EC25AFFDR07A09M4G_01.005.01. Running on Raspberry Pi and QMI. This issue happened with previous firmware as well.

Thank you

Hello there
Normally, module will reconnection successfully after a short time, but in some weak/no signal area, the module will spent more time reconnection. You can execute the AT +QENG=“SERVINGCELL” command query the signal strength, if module still register slowly even network is well, you can capture the abnormal log and mail, we will handle it asap, thank you.