EC25-AF Firmware Release

I originally opened a ticket with support and they sent me here.

I’d like to know if my firmware version is the latest release. My current version is: EC25AFFDR07A07M4G If not, can I please have the current version? Along with the associated release notes, documentation and supporting software.

Thank you

Hello? Is there any support people here?

I will email you the latest firmware, please check, thank you.
Best wishes


Can I have a copy of it, too?

Or could you at least tell me how to do a factory reset?

I am also looking for the most recent firmware for my EC25AFFA. Can you email or share a link as well? Thanks!

Hi, I am also looking to upgrade the firmware on our EC25AFA-512-STD modules. The firmware revisions we’ve found on the modems are of:


What is the latest firmware revision for this type of modem? Please email me the latest firmware. Thanks.

I need the latest firmware for my EC25-AF

Revision: EC25AFFAR07A08M4G

I too need latest. My current is EC25AFFDR07A07M4G

Hi, I’m also looking for the most recent firmware for EC25-AF.

Can you just post a public link to the firmware image on your Sharepoint server?

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Hello, I am new to this forum. Can I have the latest firmware verision of EC25-AF? I am having issues connecting to Rogers in ONTATIO, Canada.

Can you please mail the latest firmware to me for EC25-AF?

Revision: EC25AFFDR07A08M4G