EC25-AF Disable Roaming

I have a EC25-AF modem that keeps roaming to AT&T and I want to disable that. How can I disable roaming? Looking for the correct AT command.
Thank you!

You can lock to a single provider with the +COPS command, using the MCC and MNC values you want.

To lock to MCC=311 and MCC=480, you could use AT+COPS=1,2,"311480"

A more serious alternative might be to add AT&T to the SIM’s Forbidden PLMNs file at SIM address 0x6F7B.

You can read this file with the AT command AT+CRSM=176,28539,0,0,12

Further information on request. But please show the result of that command, and the MCC+MNC combination you want to block.

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So, I tried this. I locked to MCC/MNC 310260 which should be T-Mobile for my area, however it still shows its roaming on AT&T?

The +COPS lock may not work if the specified MCC and MNC combination is not present at your location when you run the command.

Try adding AT&T to the forbidden PLMN list perhaps?

What does that +CRSM command return at present?

What’s the AT&T MCC and MNC you want to block?