EC25-A and QuecOpen

Do I need to have a special firmware to work with QuecOpen?

Module EC25-A

Hi David,

If you want to start with a QuecOpen project, please kindly share following details to us through an email(, our project manager needs to do an assessment. We will contact with you later if the assessment is done.

  • Company name / Phone Number
  • R&D location
  • Project name (so we can refer to it in the future)
  • Application type
  • Estimated Annual Units (for series production)
  • Project timeline
  • Current status
  • From which distributor do you buy Quectel modules & EVB kits
  • Do you have EVB kit for this application
  • Problem description

Thanks & Best Regards!

So QuecOpen is not open? :rofl:

Hi Davidmart,

Everyone is welcomed to start a project with quectel productions whether he is using QuecOpen solutions or not. But we do have a process that the PM should do an assessment if someone decides to start a project with QuecOpen. So I hope you could understand about this.
Don’t hesitate to ask questions if you need any help, we’re gald to help you.
Wish you all the best!

Thanks & Best Regards!