EC21 QuecOpen SDK compilation procedure


I made a modification to EC21 QuecOpen SDK kernel.
In particular, I applied a patch for LPM to files:

  1. …/ql-ol-kernel/driver/quectel-drivers/ql_lpm
  2. …/ql-ol-kernel/arch/arm/boot/dts/qcom/mdm9607.dtsi

What is the correct procedure to build the kernel?
I did the following from SDK folder

make clean

and then


Finally I copied the generated file in folder target and downloaded to module.
However I’m not sure the corrections have been applied.

Could someone explain me the correct procedure and explain what are the various files in target folder?


Dear Davdav,
We already provide the compiling method in our SDK document, you can check it. If you have no such document, please contact our local FAE to get it. Thanks!

Dear Kyson,

Thanks for reply. I know how to compile a QuecOpen application (i.e. one of the examples contained in ql-ext-

My question is related to compile correctly the entire SDK kernel if I have modified it.


Dear Davdav,
Compile the SDK or an example use the same method, you can use make command to compile them. You just need to pay attention to that you should enter the SDK directory if you want to compile the whole SDK, and if you want to compile an example, you need to enter into the example directory, then execute make command. Thanks!

Dear Davdav,

Executing the make instruction in the SDK path means :compile as a whole, under the current path target/ includes aboot, kernel, kernel_module, rootfs, usrdata.ubi All projects.
If you want to compile separately, for example, execute make kernel or make rootfs.

Files in the target directory:
mdm9607-perf-boot.img (kernel image)
mdm9607-perf-sysfs.ubi (The file system)
usrdata.ubi usrdata.ubifs (user file system)


Dear Puck and Kyson,

Thank you for reply and explanation. I think I’m doing the right way so I have to check why the patch is not working.

Best regards