[EC21 QuecOpen - OpenLinux] How to start

We are a small company specialized in hydrological measurements and remote data acquisition.
We are planning to replace our current hardware solution (microcontroller + gsm module) with the new one based on only EC21 module & QuecOpen - Open Linux.
We’ve studied the documentation for both EC21 and QuecOpen and it looks like it would be perfect for our needs, but we have a few questions:

  1. Is every ES21 module ready for developing with QuectOpen or a different firmware must be flashed first? If yes, how do we obtain such a firmware (our module is EC21-EU).

  2. In all the documentation it is only mentioned that we have to install the QuecOpen SDK, but how do we obtain one, it look it can not be freely downloaded?

Thank you.

Hello @loboris

Could you write your region and email address, then sales will contact you later, thanks.
For QuecOpen solution, this is a solution to provide customer sdk for secondary development, which requires a certain amount of purchase, otherwise, it is recommended to use quectel standard solution.