EC21 mPCIe USB and UART result codes

Hi there i’m currently having a problem integrating the EC21 mPCIe module in to my product. the problem im having revolves around the serial interface i’ve done all my testing and dev work using the usb virtual AT command port, but now ive switched to using the hardware UART port on the card but it seams that the UART port is not getting all of the result codes for example if i call the module on the (USB AT command port) i get a “RINGING” message but on the UART port i get absolutely nothing.
i know the hardware UART port is working correctly as i can run other commands and get reply’s from that but result codes like “RINGING” & “NO CARRIER” don’t come throw have i missed something here

I Think i’ve found the solution it seems to work with the little testing that i’ve done
For result codes to appear on USB use this command : AT+QURCCFG=“urcport”,“usbat”
For result codes to appear on UART1 use this command : AT+QURCCFG=“urcport”,“uart1”