EC21 Linux Driver - GPS doesn't work


I’m using the EC21 module as part of a solution running Linux on kernel 4.14.78.

I’ve followed the following documentation:

However, this documentation seems to be out of date, as the required changes, ported to kernel 4.14.78, causes the qmi_wwan driver to stop working (causing total packet loss with incoming packets), while the standard version of the qmi_wwan driver shipping with kernel 4.14.78, works correctly.

However, none of the ttyUSB interfaces, required for the streaming of the GPS/GNSS data, are streaming any data at all. None of the ttyUSB interfaces are responding to the AT+QGPS=1 command either, or responding to any AT commands at all.

Please advise whether any changes are required for the standard qmi_wwan driver in kernel 4.14.78.




Solution was to send the following commands on /dev/ttyUSB2:


(Note that there is no reply when sending the above commands to /dev/ttyUSB2)

The GPS/GNSS data is then streamed on /dev/ttyUSB1

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