EC21 - Linux DFOTA - how to make mdm9607-recovery.ubi

I’m working on EC21 modem.
I’m trying to implement DFOTA functionalties on following the instructions presents on Quectel_EC2xEG9xEG25-G_Series_QuecOpen_DFOTA_Application_Note_V1.0.
I’m was able to make successfully:

  • machine-image-mdm9607.squashfs,
  • mdm9607-perf-boot.img,
  • mdm9607-perf-sysfs.ubi,
  • usrdata.ubi, and
  • usrdata.ubifs

but I’m not able to make:

  • mdm9607-recovery.ubi and
  • NON-HLOS.ubi.

Indeed, stuck at

root@devlinux:/opt/DFOTA/ql-ol-sdk/ql-ol-extsdk/tools/EC20-delta-gentools# . a
(‘-p’, ‘.’)
(‘-s’, ‘…/…/…/…/device/qcom/common,’)
(‘-t’, ‘a’)
(‘-v’, ‘’)
(‘-d’, ‘MTD’)
(‘-v’, ‘’)
(‘-i’, ‘./v1/’)

unzipping target target-files…
[becking]args[0] = ./v2/
running: unzip -o -q ./v2/ -d /tmp/targetfiles-v0GDIS

unzip v2 files>>>[becking]OPTIONS.inout_tmp,input_zip /tmp/targetfiles-v0GDIS <zipfile.ZipFile object at 0x7f90802b1d50>
Check device type>>>[becking]OPTIONS.device_type MTD
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “./ota_from_target_files”, line 1135, in
File “./ota_from_target_files”, line 1012, in main
OPTIONS.info_dict = common.LoadInfoDict(input_zip, OPTIONS.device_type)
File “/opt/DFOTA/ql-ol-sdk/ql-ol-extsdk/tools/EC20-delta-gentools/”, line 113, in LoadInfoDict
raise ValueError(“can’t find recovery API version in input target-files”)
ValueError: can’t find recovery API version in input target-files

How i could resolve it?

Thanks in advance,

mdm9607-recovery.ubi image is not buildable in Quectel EC21 SDK.