Ec21 http delete

I am using EC21 LTE module.
I got AT commands for HTTP PUT,POST and GET request.
What is the AT command for HTTP(S) DELETE. or how can we achieve with AT commands?


AT+QHTTPSTOP //Cancel HTTP(s) Request

Is this what you need? Please refer to it


What i want is HTTP DELETE Methods.

Currently, HTTP(S) encapsulated in our product only supports GET and POST methods. Other HTTP(S) methods are not supported for the time being.

Ok… Thank you for the response. Is there any solution for this??

At present, there is no other solution, mainly because HTTP(S) has been encapsulated inside the module. At present, the related methods supported can be implemented through AT Command. Other HTTP(S) methods not supported can not be implemented through personal development, and there is no API interface for development.

Can we achieve HTTP methods using PPP?

PPP is a link layer protocol that can be used for dial-up Internet access. It is different from HTTP(S) transport layer protocol and therefore cannot implement the functions of HTTP(S) protocol

I also need to use the DELETE operation on the BG95/BG77/BG600L Series.
Are there any plans to add this (obvious) omission from the product?

Best /Flemming