EC21-E-TE-A documentation and schematic


I’m testing EC21E module using EVB EC21-E-TE-A. Is there any documentation and schematic?
I would like to test SDC1 (pins 129 to 136) but they are on the bottom of the module and I don’t know how to find them on the connector and/or on UTMS&LTE-EVB-v2.2 boards.

I attach image of the board I’m using.

WhatsApp Image 2021-06-10 at 08.24.52|281x500

What pins are connected to J205 and J204?


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I have send the document via email, please check your email, thank you.

Hello @Duncan.Xu-Q,

Thank you for sending me the docs. I was also able to retrieve from our seller so I’m now able to use J205 and J204 connectors on EC21-LTE-TE-A.


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I am glad it is work for you, if you have any question, please feedback, thank you.