EC21-E QuecOpen save data in flash

Hi everybody,

I’m using EC21-E with QuecOpen.
I would like to save some secure data into flash of the module (not filesystem).

Is there any API or AT command to do that?


Hi there,

Please specify the firmware version. And what kind of data would you want to save and could you please elaborate it? Also, you mentioned that you don’t want to save the data in filesystem, so if I understand correctly, filesystem here means rootfs, right?


Hello @Zach.zhang-Q,

I’m using:
Revision: EC21EFAR06A05M4G

SDK is: EC21EFAR06A05M4G_OCPU_20.001.20.001_SDK

I would like to save data such as “date of prouction, product name, product serial number” which should not be modified by customer/user.

I’m currently using filesystem and I store some data (not secure or which can be modified by user) in “rootfs/usr” folder.

Thanks for support

Hello @Zach.zhang-Q,

I have found in the folder

some functions such as


which seems to be used to manage data in flash. Can you please confirm and how to use those functions to store my data in flash?

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is Linux module - fopen(), fread(), fwrite()

Hello @WizIO,
I don’t want to use filesystem. I would like to write in a partition of flash which can’t be accessed only by my application.


are you have partition for this

Well, I don’t know. I’ m waiting for a reply by Quectel guys to understand if it’s possible to avoid using filesystem and writing directly to flash.

In practice, what I would like is to reproduce the command AT+QUSERDAT which was available in M66 and M85 modules.


Hi dav,

Sorry for the delay.
For this feature, I think make an additional squashfs filesystem is the best and safest way to do that.


Hello @Zach.zhang-Q,

Thanks for reply.

Can you provide me any documentation or any example how to create the squashfs filesytem and how to manage it in Quecopen?

Thanks and regards

or simple FatFS with crypted ( AES ) sectors…

Hi Dav,

I’ve sent an email to you, please check it.