EC21 disable lte band

i have an EC21 module and need to disable a frequency band.
Is there a way to force the module not to use a specific frequency band?

I found the command AT+QCFG=“band” in the AT-Commands manual. It seems to do what i need, but the description says: “The command specifies the preferred frequency bands to be searched of UE”.

“preferred” does not fulfill my requirements. i need a strict “must not use band X”. Also im not sure what “UE” stands for.

Is AT+QCFG=“band” the command that i need and the description is just missleading or is there another command to do it?

Thanks for any advice (also for clearification on the term UE)

Hello Flint, thanks for your question
According to your requirement, you can use AT+QCFG=“BAND” command to set.
+QCFG: “band”,0xd3,0x1a0080800c5,0x0
The binary representation of 1a0080800c5 is 00011010000000001000000010000000000011000101 From right to left, a value of 1 represents the band supported by EC21. The method of locking the LTE band is that the position of the corresponding band is 1 to open the band, and the value 0 to close the band. You can choose related bands according to your needs.
UE is short for User Equipment, thank you.

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