EC21 connecting with Audio Codec

Hello community,
My first post here, I am curently working with EC21 and i want to make a call from the EC21 module whenver i get a signal from microcontroller–> this is done using UART. And iam using ICARUS Board as my controller.

Now since the EC21 doesnt have the audio microphone and speaker options, iam searching for viable options ,
as in the documentation mentioned i can use TLV320AIC3104,ALC5616 etc, however i have only max9860 available in my country. Can i use the refernce circuit for MAX9860 given in the refernce design?will it work.
#Basic application is to just talk and hear the response from other side.

will MBED_AUDIOCodec_rev02(!)+Entwicklungstools+Signalwandlung--7541974&matchtype=&aud-826607888547:pla-476168744562&gclid=CjwKCAjw0a-SBhBkEiwApljU0jpNgcEfBXknIf3pgoehL3sgbb8Zsyk62DzH4zGwKViy6PhXJV3ViRoC3y0QAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds)
will this module serve the purpose iam looking for , iam not sure iam still figuring a way out of these any help is apprectiated from your side,#
Please link any helpful thread or any other available ideas please

Thank you#

The max9860 may not be able to match the EC21 module, because our standard software has been adjusted to support the corresponding Codec chip. max9860 can be supported by OPEN software.