EC21 - Can the AT+QGPS command be used to get a URC when the EC21 gets a "fix"?

Currently, I am polling the EC21 for a “fix” using the commands AT+QGPSGNMEA=“GGA” and AT+QGPSLOC?

I would like to use an AT command that would get the EC21 to turn on GNSS and send an URC when it finally gets a fix.

The EC25&EC21 GNSS AT Commands Manual does not explain how to do this.

Can I use the AT+QGPS command to get the EC21 to send an URC after if finally gets a “fix”?

If so, can you provide an example of how to use the command?

Bruce Graham

Hi Sir,
Unfortunately, we don’t have this feature. Currently we only support using QGPSLOC to check fix status. In order to realize this feature, module have to parse the NMEA setences in every seconds, it’s big loading for module.

I am currently polling the GPS using AT+QGPSGNMEA=“GGA” and AT+QGPSLOC?.
That is working.


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