EC20CEFILG - Quecopen issue: Socket: Connection not established

I have been working with quecopen SDK : EC20CEFILGR06A04M1G_OCPU_SDK. I am able to connect through AT port via dev/smd8 and am able send commands and get expected responses.
However, I am having trouble with examples provided. For instance, I am not able to establish connection with the socket example. Can someone explain me the flow. i.e. how to set APN via api.
I do not have any documentation. Please help me with that.


hi Jack
Sorry, for late reply;
For Quecopen related issues, I suggest you to find the local FAE for technical support; because open involves the allocation of internal resources of the module, the system stability needs professional technical support for you;

A series of check is needed before data call to make sure the module is in normal working state. The
specific steps are as follows:

  1. Connect PC to the MAIN UART port or the USB AT port of the module via the USB-serial line.
  2. Insert a SIM card and an antenna, and power on the module.
  3. Check the following status through API in sequence.
    a) Test SIM card: QL_MCM_SIM_GetCardStatus ()
    b) Detect signal strength: QL_MCM_NW_GetSignalStrength ()
    c) Check network registration status: QL_MCM_NW_GetRegStatus()
    d) Query operator: QL_MCM_NW_GetRegStatus()
    e) Query network access technology: QL_MCM_NW_GetRegStatus()
    f) Query call service status: QL_Data_Call_Init_Precondition()

In general, for multiplex data call application scenarios, it is necessary to set up special APNs to access
private network. The parameters of each APN can be queried and configured by Ql_Apn_Get() and
For details, please refer to

Other exampel and header as below:

Header File Function Reference Document
ql_mcm_nw.h APIs of radio interface layer example/test_mcm_api
ql_mcm_gps.h APIs of location example/test_mcm_api
ql_mcm_sms.h APIs of sms example/test_mcm_api Quectel_EC2X&AG35-QuecOpen_SMS_Guide_Manual_V1.4_Preliminary.pdf
ql_mcm_sim.h APIs of sim example/test_mcm_api Quectel_EC2X&AG35-QuecOpen_SIM_API_guide_manual_V1.1_Preliminary.pdf
ql_mcm_voice.h APIs of voice call example/test_mcm_api
example/voice Quectel_EC2X&AG35-QuecOpen_VOICE_guide_manual_V1.0_Preliminary.pdf
ql_mcm_dm.h APIs of device management example/test_mcm_api
ql_mcm_atc.h APIs of AT commands example/test_mcm_api
ql_wwan_v2.h APIs of data call example/data Quectel_EC2X&AG35-QuecOpen_Data_Call_Application_Guide_V2.8_Preliminary.pdf
ql_wifi.h APIs of wifi example/wifi
ql_sleep_wakelock.h APIs of system sleep example/sleep_wakelock
ql_powerdown.h APIs of system halt example/powerdown
ql_dev.h APIs of device info
ql_gpio.h APIs of gpio example/gpio
ql_audio.h APIs of audio example/audio
ql_adc.h APIs of adc example/adc
ql_sgmii.h APIs of sgmii example/sgmii
ql_network.h APIs of network operation example/lan Quectel_EC2X&AG35-QuecOpen_LAN_DHCP_API_User_Guide_V1.0_Preliminary.pdf
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I have received the Quecopen SDK from quectel team but did not receive any documentation and my emails were not answered. Can you provide me with the necessary documents.