EC20CE-FAG Firmware

Hi Team,

Can you help to send me a latest firmware update for EC20CE-FAG?


i want this file how to get it
and how to apply this on modem

I have sent the latest firmware version to you by email, you can upgrade it through Qflash

FAIL, Confirm dynamic com port 30 timeout(N)!

getting this error

Please check whether the USB port is occupied or whether it matches your firmware version

usb is free
my old is EC20CEFAGR06A16M4G

which file we must use to flash

pls do we have any video for same

Try the other files

same error getting in this file too

Please use qFLASH_V5.9_CN, I have sent it to you by email

still same
not working tried

please help on it
what we have to do next

But I used the same module test is successful, please check again

checked several times if you want anything else about model i can give but this file dont supports
please try to give one lower version file sir

also want to change this
but its not changing

FAIL, Rsp reply nothing! [Send_EDL_Mode]

getting same error

What is the purpose of your upgrade?