EC200x modules revision


I am using EC200N-CNs for my project. However it seems EC200U-CNs are with more supply. Please advise if EC200x with x=A, N, S, T, U etc are revisions of the same product line? I saw subtle changes between them.

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EC200A for CAT4,based on unisoc8310
EC200N for CAT1,based on ASR1603
EC200S for CAT1,based on ASR1601
EC200S for CAT1,based on ASR1602s
EC200U for CAT1,based on unisoc8910

thanks Herbert for your support

I believe other than EC200A, all modules share similar functionality, right? Any special consideration required?

are EC200N and EC200U pin compatibles?

I am digging documents that I have but it seems non conclusive.

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yes,The pins of the EC200N and EC200U are compatible

thanks alot for your support