EC200U windows driver file

As we are interfacing EC200 USB interface directly to windows laptop to check AT commands via USB and it is not showing any com port.

attached is the screenshot for your reference.

Do we need to install any windows driver for EC200? if so kindly send us the updated driver files to install.
EC200 USB port

I will try sent to you over email.
but could you tell me which module is it?
EC200U ? EC200N ? EC200A? EC200T ? EC200S?

We are using EC200U series

I’ve sent it over email.

I will not reply to anyone ask questions after this question.
If anyone needs it, please provide your company name, a photo of the module’s shiled, the version and the IMEI of the module, and send it to my email:

Thank you AT command is responding after we install the driver.

Can you send me windows drivers for EC200U-EU AA-N05-SGNSA

@venkat07 hello there. I am facing the same issue. Can you please help me out with this ? How did you solve this issue ?

Hai please can anyone send EC200U driver and this my mail id

i got same problem do you have driver for EC200U