EC200U UFS Filesystem block size?

If I were to create a 10-byte file on the UFS, how much actual flash memory space would get allocated for it?

My usage scenario: we use the EC200U to control various devices, involving both inputs and outputs. Each device comes with its own unique set of parameters. Ideally, I would like to store the parameters of each device on a separate UFS file. On a real filesystem like FAT32, ext4, ntfs, etc, there is a space penalty that comes into play if I create hundreds of files that are just 10 bytes long. The minimum amount of space allocated will be something like 1KB per file. On desktop computers, this block size is quite negligible compared to the disk size.

What is the block size on EC200U’s UFS filessytem? I need this info to figure out how best to store my application parameters as files.

Happy to answer your questions. One block size of EC200U module is 4K, please design based on this

Sir, how much space is available for UFS?

Sir, can we change the sector size? Is that possible sir? In demo code of embed_nor_flash_demo, they have given a sector size of 4096(4K) and configurable address given is from (0x60558000 to 0x60560000). The address is 32 bit it can write upto 4,29,49,67,296(2 ^ 32). If we write 4294967300 in address 0x60558000 and read, it has 4294967300. Similarly if we read the next location (0x60558001) it has 294967300(FF). Similarly while reading the 3rd location we get 94967300(FF FF). Why is this repeating?. I have written a value which is greater than (2^32), but still it is written in first location. Pls let me know how does this demo functioning and how to write and read. I have attached a image related to this issue.

Can we write a file system byte by byte? if it is possible pls let me know how to write it.

Sir, I have another doubt regarding embed nor flash read and write. If we write “welcometothedemo” at location 0x60559012 it writes to it. if we read location one by one after 0x60559012, up to 0x60559019 it write correctly. After that it skips some char. Why does this happen? I have attached pic related to this issue.

Sir, how many UFS are users able to write?