EC200U UART RX and TX data lenght

Hello Team,

We are using UART demo example. We have configured MAIN uart and connected ec200u device to PC serial tool(Docklight) over UART interface. Using serial tool we are sending dummy data to device and from device to serial tool. Both uart tx and rx functionality is working.
Whenever device receives data uart call back “ql_uart_notify_cb” is called. From this function we can find out that on which uart port data is received and length of received data.

From PC serial tool, we have sent 64 bytes of dummy data, the device receives 64 bytes.
If we send 75 bytes of data, then ql_uart_notify_cb function is called two times, first it receives 64 bytes and then it receives remaining 11 bytes of data.
My question is how we can increase 64 bytes limit? and what is maximum receiving length for UART.

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Do you have any update on this?

Uart triggers an interrupt every 64 bytes received. If the received data is larger than 64 bytes, you need to package the received data on the application side.

hi , you can search QL_UART_RX_BUFF_SIZE and set it what you want

2048/32 = 64
(64 * 32 bit or 64 * 4 byte)