EC200U-TE-A_V1.2 And LTE OPEN EVB V1.1 Board Pinout

I want to know about the this kind of combination “EC200U-TE-A_V1.2 And LTE OPEN EVB v1.1”. may i have a schematic for those two boards, because i want to develop a system with hardware peripheral (gpio, uart, spi, etc) using quecpython, but when i try to just used a simple gpio on/off, the gpio number that printed out on those board seems not connect to the correct pin of EC200U module.
Note: i try to connect the wire directly to the ec200u chip (through its pin) and its working, please kindly help

thank you


Because LTE_OPEN_EVB is compatible with multiple module models of TE-A, the silkscreen on the board may not correspond to the module. This requires a schematic to see the correspondence of the pins.

Is it convenient for you to provide me with your email address? I’ll email you the schematics for confirmation