EC200U qflash from Linux

I have an eval board for EC200U-CNAA. I have managed to build the SDK (EC200UCNAAR02A06M08_OCPU_CSDK). Now I would like to flash the device from my Linux desktop. I do not have Windows, and do all my development from Linux. The FAE has given me QFlash, but that is Windows software.

Can you please direct me to the flashing software for Linux?

Hi Prash
Sorry, there is currently no download tool for linux. You can switch to another computer to upgrade.

please upload the Windows version of EC200U qflash download link

To overcome that, I had to use a Windows machine at first to run the QFlash and flash the module.

Once that is done, the QFlash will generate a Debug.log file, which has the logs of the steps QFlash executed. Checking that, you can see that behind the scenes, QFlash is actually using the flashtoolcli.exe to flash the module (this tool is also in the SDK).

You can thus install Wine to run Windows programs on Linux, and you have two options: (1) run directly the QFlash, or (2) run the flashtoolcli.exe.

Basically, there are 4 steps that are performed to flash the module:

1 - probe
2 - erase some region
3 - erase some region
4 - flash the firmware

For me, Wine works up to step 3. When I try step 4, the flashtoolcli.exe returns an error that the Host sent a Preamble to the Module, but the module did not reply.

So, this was as far as I could go to solve this problem (which is not solved yet).

Maybe if you try the Wine, you can get more luck than I did.

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