EC200U PSM Mode

The EC200U does not go into sleep mode. I tested the module with a board of our own design and LTE-EVB evaluation kit. During testing, I used the autosleep(1) function, which is a QuecPython function. Even after using this function, the module is still able to send data and receive GPS data. After reviewing the documents you shared in this link “”, I tried to enable autosleep using the net.setmodenfun(0 and 4) function, but I did not see any change in the current output of the power supply feeding the board. The currents after using set.modemfun(0) function and autosleep() function were the same.


there are a few points need to be noted.

After the automatic sleep mode is set, the module sleeps only when no service is being processed.

When the module is connected to a USB, it cannot enter the low power mode

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