Ec200u nvram api

Going through EC200U Series QuecOpen File System API Reference Manual, I notice that the API has two classes of functions. ql_fopen for “ordinary files” and ql_nvm_fread/ ql_nvm_fwrite only for config files on NVM.

The NVM functions say they are specifically for “simple configuration file”. The (Chinese) comments in the SDK say they are for less than 1kB of data. We have to specify the filename to read/write. I have three questions based on this:

  1. How can I see all the filenames that exist on the NVM already?
  2. How can I see the free space on the NVM?
  3. Which document explains the hardware architecture and capabilities of the EC200U… like various kinds of memory available (RAM, flash, NVM, etc.) and other hardware features?

ql_file_exist to check whether the file exists •
ql_fs_free_size to check the remaining size of the file system

I am already invoking ql_fs_free_size("UFS") to find out the free size on UFS. The File System API reference says I can use it for any valid path, i.e. partitions beginning with “UFS”, “EFS”, and “SD”. The NVM is not listed among the partitions. So, what would be the format for specifying NVM to both ql_fs_free_size and ql_file_exist?

You can use ql_cust_nvm_fread/ql_cust_nvm_fwrite to read or write the number of entries. When the number you define is met, you can use ql_fota_file_reset(TRUE); this function is used to clear the ql_fota_file_reset(TRUE) flag.