EC200U memory map

Hello Team,

Could you please provide memory map or memory organization for EC200U.

Hello, you can find the corresponding module.json file in this path: components\hal\config\8910;

Thanks for information

Hello Team,

Could you please provide difference between APPIMG and APP partition.
Which part is used for storing code part?

When i checked the application image size is around 90Kb text section but when i created fota package, the size of package is around 11 Kb.

/Downloads/EC200UCN_AA_APPIMAGE/app$ arm-linux-gnueabi-size APPIMAGE_APP.elf
text data bss dec hex filename
90664 608 55360 146632 23cc8 APPIMAGE_APP.elf

Command used for fota package
.\dtools.exe fotacreate2 --pac aa.pac,bb.pac,setting\fota8910.xml output.pack -d v

What could be the reason for above difference?