EC200U GSM module related

I need ec200u module related doubts it possible to use this module for audio recording about 1 minute.
2. speaker and mic is in bottom side so instead of that can i use voice over uart and AT command not USB.
3.text to voice is available but i need text to speech any possible way to do this one

if anybody knows please let me know
Thanks in advance

I think you can use TTS fuction to realize text to voice.

Yes it is available like if i text message “hello this is feroz”
then it is saying ‘h’,‘e’,‘l’,''l ,‘o’,…but i need it should say “hello this is feroz”
any updates needs for that please advise me

What firmware are you using now?

As far as I know,EC200U does not have English library so the output speech will not be the whole string but the letters one by one.