EC200U FOTA Failure


I am trying to update the EC200U FW using the AT+QFOTADL command.
The command is immediately returns with an error code,



NOTE: I was able to update the FW successfully once with the same http url and the same set of commands.

What could be the possible reason for the error 608?

Please check if your server is working properly or if there is some kind of restriction

This is what I checked first before posting here. The module is not even attempting the connection request itself.
I have looked at the AP log from the module, and this is what i got from there,

" €­ L˜P¬oÑjq8%s,%d urc update cnt: %d %s,quec_fota_update_urc_cnt_set queÔ ­ D˜Q­oÑjq8%s,%d urc dload cnt: %d quec_fota_dload_urc_cnt_set Ü
­ ˜R´oÆivJSFFS open error: %d þÿÿÿ­ X˜SµoÑ’Ô9[ql_fota_api][%s, %d] read PackFileName cfg failed! ql_fota_get_pack_name qlÅ
­ ˜T·oÑ’Ô9[ql_fota_api][%s, %d] pac_file_name: %s ql_fota_get_pack_name qlÓ
­ p˜U·oÑjq8%s,%d get fota pack file name err %d, %s, %d Qfoquec_exec_qfotadl_cmd atU UFS:UFS/fota.pac ­ P˜VºoÑjq8%s,%d report_code = 0x%x,0x%x %squec_fota_errcode_convert qu¡
­ D˜WºoÑjq8%s,%d atResp error code = %d %s,quec_fota_atResp fot&a ­ ˜X»oAjѹm
­ ˜Y¼oAjÑ¹Ý ­ P˜ZÂoÑjq8%s,%d report_code = 0x%x,0x%x %squec_fota_errcode_convert qu¡

Will you be able to tell what exactly went wrong?

I figured out the problem,

I have missed : colon in the above command, which is why the module failed the FOTA.