EC200U flashing error

I’m very new to the EC200U eval board. These are the steps I followed:

  1. Boot into Windows
  2. Supply power to the EC200U eval board via the USB cable.
  3. Connect the USB-to-Serial cable (appears as COM5)
    4, Push the PWRKEY pin for a second and wait until the blue LED starts flashing.
  4. Start QFlash in admin mode, select the relevant *merge.pac
  5. Press the Start button on QFlash.

I get the following uninformative error message (screenshot). Please advise on what to do next.

After waiting for a while, the status info in QFlash changes to “[COM0]Download fail[Open port fail]!” which is very strange because I don’t even have a COM0 on my computer. All the available COM ports are shown in the device manager screenshot.

Exactly the same problem! What could be the reason?

I tried on a different computer, and it worked flawlessly. I borrowed an old laptop from the office for flashing, and gave up on trying to solve the problem on my main dev machine.

The same error came for me. pls suggest the crct way

@prash hi, first connect the module to PC through usb to uart cable, then open Qcom through USB AT PORT send command AT+QDOWNLOAD and send enter. it replies with okay. This makes the module to be ready for download mode. After this SPRD U2S port would be enabled which is for firmware download.

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