EC200U-EUAA Latest firmware

Hi everyone,

can anyone share the latest firmware for this kind of module “EC200U-EUAA” i need the quecpython latest firmware and standard at-command latest stable firmware. and also better and grateful if i can get the quecpython sdk as well.

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Could you tell me which solution you are currently using ?

If you use Quecpython, the at command is not recommended. It is recommended to use api to implement functionality

Hi @Felix.feng-Q ,
I’m using fw Revision: EC200UEUAAR03A04M08_OCPU
, now I want back to normal AT command fw, pls send me fw for EC200UEU module.
Thank you !

Hi Felix,

now we are currently using QuecPython solution for our development, and based on the download portal that i see on the quecpython website, the EC200U-EUAA module have latest version of quecpython V003. Is it the latest version or there is newer one for the QuecPython Based Firmware?

Hi, fikri

yes,v003 is the latest version

hi, Linh

Please provide your email address and I will send the firmware to you by email

Hi Felix,
My email


The firmware has been sent by email, please receive it, thank you.

I have the same problem. I want back to the default AT command firmware. My last firmware version is :Revision: EC200UEUAAR02A06M08 with GNSS support.
Thank you for your support.