EC200U Dual SIM Support

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I’m going to use EC200U in my project and i need to know if it supports 2 SIMs to interface with or do i need to add an IC to achieve that ?

According to our hardware reference design, the EC200U does not support dual SIM, you can achieve dual SIM by switching circuit

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Hi, @herbert.pan-Q

According to datasheet EC200U Series, it support dual sim.
can you please help to clarify this, it would be help full.
If it support dual sim then can you share specific parts of modem.

please refer
Quectel_EC200U_Series_Hardware_Design_V1.0.pdf (1.5 MB)


Thanks for sharing details.

I have check the datasheet and found that there is provision of 2nd sim interface.
To use dual sim I need to update the firmware , right? where should I get it?

I have query about dual sim,
is both sim cards are activated continuously like working in our mobiles ?

Updating Firmware
For updating firmware USB is necessary?
Firmware upgrade can possibly be done by UART interface?

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What is your current firmware version?