EC200U-CNLB automatic restart after running for 45 minutes

Hi all,

currently, I’m building a program with quecpython module EC200U-CNLB. The program runs on 4 threads, main, display, logging sd card, and connectivity (for sending and receiving data to/from the server). the program runs fine, but after 45 minutes the device restarts itself.
I haven’t used watchdog yet. and when I execute Power.powerOnReason, the output is 9. Does anyone know what the problem is?

Firmware version: QPY_OCPU_V0003_EC200U_CNLB_FW


Sorry for the late reply

This means that the program has crashed. We need dump log for analysis of this problem. Is it convenient for you to provide log?

Hi, Felix.

Thanks for your response.

This issue has been resolved. I found the problem after I traced it using the CoolWathcer software.

My program has a command to send AT Command AT+QTEMP every second to get the internal temperature. I don’t know why, but according to the trace tool, it crashes after the AT+QTEMP command and then restarts. and the crash always occurs after approximately 45 minutes of running.

Finally, I turned off the AT+QTEMP command, and it no longer crashed.